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We are actively leasing and buying leases in unconventional plays across the United States. If you are being leased, pooled or part of an increased density - we are interested in working with you on a lease or an assignment of lease.


We are currently buying oil and gas minerals and royalties throughout the continental United States. Our current focus is unconventional plays in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana. Please contact us to begin the process.


Do you have mineral and royalty interest, but not sure what exactly you own? We can help! We can assign a landman or team to verify and uncover the details of your oil and gas interests.


We are experienced in operations from oil and gas wells to commercial disposal wells. If you are looking for an operator for a project in the states of Texas or Oklahoma - we are here to help.


Looking for a reliable oil and gas consultant? We can assist you in the field for your oil and gas projects, as well as disposal, recycling, and filtration projects. We have experience in upstream, midstream, and downstream projects. We are able to assist our clients in acquisitions and due diligence.

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